Quality – safety – environment

Quality / safety / environment



  • Aspect control :

We pay the utmost attention to the finished aspects of our parts to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

So, each part is controlled at 2 steps of the manufacturing process.

A first time, after polishing and final aspect control once the precious metal coats are made.

This double checking is a guarantee to match our customers’ demands.

  • Precious metal thickness control :

The whole precious metal deposit is measured by x ray. By this process, we guarantee the respect of initial specifications our customers.

  • Dimension control :

The geometric control at the tooling phase is realized every day.
Every final product is controlled before dispatching, to valid its functioning.


After a shareholder change in 2012, important workshops refurbishing was decided.
This project’s goal was to optimize and improve working conditions.
The improvements were :

  • Central hoover at the tooling and polishing workshops to remove dust
  • Staff training to the main safety rules
  • Sites audits are done regularly to respect the whole rules...


The company has implemented zero discharge .

As we are concerned by limiting our water consumption, as well as natural environment pollution, we have decided to recycle industrial waters throughout the whole process.

To meet our customers needs and regulation, our productions are adapted to:

  • Unleaded brass request
  • Nickel free coating/deposits
  • Cadmium free brazing

We are involved in an energy saving process on the whole site too
Workers have been appointed to enable a better energy spending control to consume less and properly