Open day 2015

There are 78 companies settled at le Plessis Grammoire. For the fist time, 14 of them have organized a day to let the public discover their jobs and their work last Saturday, on April 25th.

This was an opportunity for many people to visit these companies they only drive by every day.

There were many craftspeople to meet : Stone-cutters, bricklayers, electricians, joiners, landscape gardeners , tree pruners, buckles or leather goods manufacturers or even industrial fashion designers.

Fire brigades also lead operations on the future site of the barracks

Vincent Baretti president of the storekeepers association of le Plessis-Grammoire has reminded us during his inaugural speech the development strength of these companies.

All are both passionated and completely committed to keep on despite a difficult context. This day was a beautiful illustration of this dynamic and all these know-how constitute the wealth of our city