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Finishing / Assembling

Our parts are controlled and assembled one by one. Moss packagings or bags are adapted to avoid shocks and scratch on products. Tailored protections adapted to your parts and your constraints can be added. This scotch of protection fits perfectly at the shape of the part enabling to keep intact the product from dispatching until…
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Surface Treatment

Our parts are fixed on a brass thread and dipped in an electrolytic bath. It enables to coat them with precious metals. It gives its final coloring to the part. Now, Spama proposes several coloring from pale gold to pink gold as well as palladium and ultra-black ruthenium.
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Polishing must enhance the raw material and let it reveal its shine. Thanks to both tribofinishing machines, and manuel polishing our workshops propose solutions adapted to our customer’s expectations. Each part geometry is a new polishing problem and forces our teams to renew their technical skills permanently.
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Every part is tooled. This technic enables to avoid both porosity and deposit on parts which meets the requirements of the famous lux brands. Beside these technics accuracy enables to fit perfectly our customers’ parts geometry. Thanks to 18 digital controlled machines, our crafts are milling, bar turning and turning applications. From 3 to 7…
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